About us

Our company is called LEAOX started in the US and working in both US and Japan. The name represents that we are Learners, Elaborators, Achievers, Originators, and eXperts.

We work for people who want to create great stuff for the world. Our company has experts at CAD/CAM to design parts and the equipment. They also know all of the processes to build a product. We also have a physics PhD to manage the company and to advise customers on physics ideas of products and other related information.

What we can provide are following:

  1. We design any complicated shapes; and, if needed, we fabricate them until completed.
  2. We support companies in the US to process the product in Japan, or translate between American and Japanese companies to collaborate with.
  3. We design educational materials and demonstrations for physics, mathematics, and other sciences.

We are looking forward to working for you to complete your projects. Feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

CEO of LEAOX Inc.,
Hiro Shimoyama (PhD)